Parenting Skills Group

Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) Program

STEP is an 8 week group program that teaches positive approaches to understanding and raising children.  STEP teaches many important skills including: setting limits with appropriate consequences and rewards, building mutual respect in your relationship with your child, being an encouraging parent, determining the goals of your child’s misbehavior, and giving choices instead of punishment.  STEP has proven to be an effective program for those who are new parents or those who have been parents for a long time.

The STEP program help parents learn effective ways to relate to their children from birth through adolescence by using parent education study groups. By identifying the purposes of children's behavior, STEP also helps parents learn how to encourage cooperative behavior in their children and how not to reinforce unacceptable behaviors. STEP also helps parents change dysfunctional and destructive relationships with their children by offering concrete alternatives to abusive and ineffective methods of discipline and control. STEP is offered in three separate programs covering early childhood, children ages seven through twelve, and teenagers.

Program Goals:

The goals of STEP are:

  • Increased ability to identify goals of misbehavior
  • Increased alternatives to misbehaviors
  • Increased encouragement skills
  • Increased skill in communication
  • Increased skill in cooperation (parental and child)
  • Increased skill in discipline
  • Increased skill in choosing parenting approach
  • Increase child self-esteem and confidence
  • Decreased inappropriate parental behaviors in disciplining children and teens

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