Individual and Family Counseling

Young people with problems in marriage on psychotherapy

Do you need someone to talk to? Our trained Master level and Licensed clinicians are available to assess your needs and provide therapy services for all ages, both individually and families. The type and intensity of services depends on the needs of each individual or family.

Concerns addressed in counseling may include (but are not limited to):

  • Stress, anxiety and/or depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Traumatic events
  • Grief and loss
  • Chronic pain
  • School or employment stresses
  • Life changes such as marriage, divorce, parenthood, adolescents, adulthood, retirement, moves
  • Family conflict or abuse
  • Parenting issues

Our staff are trained to respect the privacy of all persons whom we serve, and we adhere to all state and federal regulations regarding the confidentiality of your treatment records.

Contact our us at (405) 733-5437 to schedule an appointment at our Midwest City office. Occasionally, Same day appointments are offered through the week and follow up appointments can then be made with a clinician.

We accept most major insurance and Medicaid.

Parent Education Classes

At Mid-Del Youth & Family, we understand that divorce isn't easy. It's not easy for parents or their children. The Parent Education program provides divorcing/divorced parents with the opportunity to learn about and discuss the effects that divorce and changing family situations have on children.

The Parent Education program believes that given information and guidance, parents will move beyond their differences to consider the best interest of their children. Parent Education classes are required by law and have been approved by the courts as meeting the State's mandated parent education requirements.

Parent Education Classes:

  • Help parents recognize the importance of their parent-child relationship and promote and encourage continued parenting of children even though their marital relationship is ending.
  • Help parents anticipate future events (such as birthdays and holidays) and/or potential problem situations in their family both during and after their divorce.
  • Help parents understand why sharing responsibilities for their children is an issue which must be anticipated and planned for.
  • Help recognize and respond to the needs of their children while experiencing their own emotional turmoil.
sad son hugging his dad near wall at the day time