Adolescent Anger Management Group

Young people addicted to drugs participating in group therapy

The Adolescent Anger Management Program is designed to help youth recognize and normalize anger. By being able to gain a better understanding of self, one will learn to better control anger so that is does not lead to violent outbursts. 

"Managing anger doesn’t necessarily mean getting angry less often (although many times this is the case), but it does mean learning to express your anger in a way that is helpful to you and/or those around you."

Specific Goals
Individuals will learn to:

  • Recognize the role of individual responsibility in changing "maladaptive" behavior.
  • Develop a working understanding of one's own anger/stress patterns and responses.
  • Identify "situational anger" that consistently results in angry responses than can lead to violent behavior.
  • Eliminate or minimize violent behavior. Learn how and when to use "Time-Outs" to prevent violent confrontations. Incorporate new coping skills to handle anger, stress and other feelings.
  • Use communication skills and listening techniques effectively.

Anger Management Format
Members will meet weekly  for group psychotherapy. Members will be expected to sign a program contract agreeing to attend group, complete homework, and work on skills. This group is open to adult men and women. Services will be billed to insurances or a sliding fee scale is available if a client is eligible.

Referrals for this program come from individuals, school, or court system

For further information or to make a referral contact 405-733-5437