About Us

Mid-Del Youth and Family Center is a youth and family service agency committed to assisting youth and families in building brighter futures through community prevention and education, community counseling, and the community emergency children's shelter. Mid-Del Youth and Family Center is dedicated to providing client-centered, cost-effective, responsive, and continually improving quality services to individuals, families, and the community.


Our Board Officers

Steve Ditto, President - Les Herman, Vice President

Our Board Members

Tera Bisbee - Don Bisbee -  Nate Cook - Darrel Barton -

Angela Weaver - Kevin Hill - Paul Colley

Darla Cheek, Executive Director - darla@mid-delyouth.org

Candice Fair, Assistant Director - candice@mid-delyouth.org

Gabby Evans, LCSW, LADC Clinical Director - gabby@mid-delyouth.org

Gail Ashley Andrews, Shelter Director - gail@mid-delyouth.org

Wanda Wade, Data Manager - wwade@mid-delyouth.org


Mid-Del Youth and Family Center, Inc. is a youth, family, and community service agency founded and sponsored by Midwest City and Del City in 1971. The agency was formed under the laws of the State of Oklahoma as a private not-for-profit, qualifying as a section 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code. Mid-Del Youth and Family Center continues to have strong relationships with both Midwest City and Del City primarily serving youth and families living in these areas. Mid-Del Youth and Family Center serves the community through 3 main services areas including prevention education, counseling, and children's shelter. We measure our services through our goals to be client-centered, cost effective, continually improving, and providing quality services.