What to know about Mid-Del Youth Organisation?

We measure our services through our goals to be client-centered, cost effective, continually improving, and providing quality services.

Our Mission Statement


Empowering Youth, Families, and Communities to develop, strengthen, and promote relationships in building brighter futures.


Our Board Officers?


Steve Ditto, President - Les Herman, Vice President

Tera Bisbee - Don Bisbee - JoAnn Johnson - David Perry - Nate Cook Bobbie Freeman - Darrel Barton

Darla Cheek, Executive Director - Darla@mid-delyouth.org

Gabby Riddle, LCSW, Clinical Director - Pjobe@mid-delyouth.org

Gail Ashley Andrews, Shelter Director - Gail@mid-delyouth.org

Wanda Wade, Data Manager - Wwade@mid-delyouth.org